“I want to download older versions of Internet Explorer. Can I do that? Yes!” writes Daniel Petri @ PETRI.co.il. The repository is found @ Browsers.evolt.org.

Metadata: Microsoft Internet Explorer Setup Only; Download full MSIE; Download Full Internet Explorer; Enter other searchstring (too lazy to look it up);

note: Evolt.org looks a friendly place just like Petri’s website: “Evolt.org is a world community for web developers, promoting the mutual free exchange of ideas, skills and experiences ..”


10 Days before Joomla! 1.5 Beta is scheduled to release, just thought about posting some Joomla! 1.0.11 relevant topics (mental note: don’t ask why).

Joomla! 1.0.11 Security Configuration Instructions

Known issues 1.0.11 Sunbow

.. that should pretty much take care of Joomla! 1.0.11 problems you might be having :)

Cool link:
Joomla! Developer : How to make your Addon Secure

Facts about Dolphin Drive Hunts in Japan (Link)

“During drive hunts, migrating pods of dolphins and other small whales are first panicked and confused by loud banging, then herded, by the hundreds, into shallow coves and butchered, one by one, by fishermen. Every year, some 20,000 small cetaceans of several species, some of which are endangered, including bottlenose dolphins, striped dolphins, spotted dolphins, Risso‚Äôs dolphins, short-finned pilot whales, white-sided dolphins and false killer whales, are killed or taken in the drives, sometimes illegally.

This cruel and inhumane practice is sanctioned and controlled by the Government of Japan, which claims that these animals compete with the fishermen and slaughtering them is a means of pest control, but no evidence for this claim exists. The dolphins are processed and used as pet food or fertilizer, and the government is encouraging the consumption of dolphin meat. In fact, the hunts would be economically unviable without the sale of live dolphins captured during the drives to dolphinariums in Asia and elsewhere.

There is abundant scientific evidence that drive hunts inflict incredible pain and suffering on highly intelligent, self-aware, and socially complex animals. The hunts have been universally condemned on both welfare and conservation grounds, but repeated requests to end them, from the International Whaling Commission (IWC) and numerous other scientific and conservation organizations, have been ignored.

The World Association of Zoos and Aquariums (WAZA), the professional organization that represents over 1,200 zoos and aquariums around the world, and the Association of Zoos and Aquariums (AZA) in the United States, have also condemned these hunts. WAZA explicitly prohibits member organizations from procuring animals from drive hunts. Now, marine scientists, WAZA, and AZA have joined with other non-governmental organizations to bring an immediate end to drive hunting.”

Join us in our efforts by signing the petition.

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The petition:

End Dolphin Slaughter in Japan

Please sign this petition and help us put an end to the slaughter of dolphins and small whales in drive hunts.

Mr. Junichiro Koizumi
Prime Minister
State of Japan

We, the undersigned, join with the global community of marine scientists and zoo and aquarium professionals in condemning the brutal and inhumane practice of dolphin drive hunts carried out in your country. Dolphins are highly intelligent, complex, emotional, social, and sentient mammals, and we urge you to exercise your authority to end this cruel, callous, and unconscionable practice.

Free Image Hosting at www.ImageShack.us

CopperMine Next Generation (cpgNG) ALPHA is in development & looking good. Replace smilies to improve on looks ;) Copy the images (overwrite) @ ./cpgNG/images/smiles & use your Dreamweaver to alter the code accordingly.

Search and replace:
icon_lol.gif" alt=" :lol:" width="15" height="15"
icon_lol.gif" alt=" :lol:" width="20" height="20"

icon_razz.gif" alt=" :-P" width="15" height="15"
icon_razz.gif" alt=" :-P" width="20" height="20"

icon_biggrin.gif" alt=" :-D" width="15" height="15"
icon_biggrin.gif" alt=" :-D" width="20" height="20"

icon_smile.gif" alt=" :-)" width="15" height="15"
icon_smile.gif" alt=" :-)" width="20" height="20"

icon_neutral.gif" alt=" :-|" width="15" height="15"
icon_neutral.gif" alt=" :-|" width="20" height="20"

icon_sad.gif" alt=" :-(" width="15" height="15"
icon_sad.gif" alt=" :-(" width="20" height="20"

icon_cry.gif" alt=" :cry:" width="15" height="15"
icon_cry.gif" alt=" :cry:" width="20" height="20"

icon_cool.gif" alt=" 8-)" width="15" height="15"
icon_cool.gif" alt=" 8-)" width="20" height="20"

icon_surprised.gif" alt=" :-o" width="15" height="15"
icon_surprised.gif" alt=" :-o" width="20" height="20"

icon_confused.gif" alt=" :-?" width="15" height="15"
icon_confused.gif" alt=" :-?" width="20" height="20"

icon_redface.gif" alt=" :oops:" width="15" height="15"
icon_redface.gif" alt=" :oops:" width="20" height="20"

icon_eek.gif" alt=" :shock:" width="15" height="15"
icon_eek.gif" alt=" :shock:" width="20" height="20"

icon_mad.gif" alt=" :-x" width="15" height="15"
icon_mad.gif" alt=" :-x" width="20" height="20"

icon_rolleyes.gif" alt=" :roll:" width="15" height="15"
icon_rolleyes.gif" alt=" :roll:" width="20" height="20"

icon_wink.gif" alt=" ;-)" width="15" height="15"
icon_wink.gif" alt=" ;-)" width="20" height="20"

icon_idea.gif" alt=" :idea:" width="15" height="15"
icon_idea.gif" alt=" :idea:" width="20" height="20"

icon_exclaim.gif" alt=" :!:" width="15" height="15"
icon_exclaim.gif" alt=" :!:" width="20" height="20"

icon_question.gif" alt=" :?:" width="15" height="15"
icon_question.gif" alt=" :?:" width="19" height="19"

Smilies replaced in code:

icon_lol icon_razz icon_biggrin icon_smile icon_neutral icon_sad icon_cry icon_cool icon_surprised icon_confused icon_redface icon_eek icon_mad icon_rolleyes icon_wink icon_idea icon_exclaim icon_question

Smilies not replaced in code (not found in this version):

icon_arrow icon_evil icon_frown icon_mrgreen icon_twisted

23 Smilies in total. Hope it helps; probably will not update for new versions, but you get the idea?..

This modification adds to Invision Power Board ACP (Administration Control Panel) under TOOLS & SETTINGS -> Topics, Posts and Polls -> Allow Specify Topic Time? (under “Making a Post”) option; FOR FRESH INSTALL ONLY :)

Invision Power Board version 2.1.7 and most probably future versions also.

Open ./install/installfiles/ipb_settings.xml

Find – just search for: <conf_id>84</conf_id>

<conf_title>Stop Quote Embedding?</conf_title>
<conf_description><![CDATA[This will remove any quoted text when quoting a post that contains quotes<br><a href='#' title='and if that made any sense, then you are far cleverer than I.'>..</a>]]></conf_description>

Add after

<conf_title>Allow Specify Topic Time?</conf_title>
<conf_description><![CDATA[If set to "Yes" Specify Topic Time fields can be set.]]></conf_description>

Open ./ipb_templates.xml


<if="can_set_open_time == 1">

Replace with

<if="can_set_open_time == 1 AND ipb.vars['post_timeset']">


<if="can_set_close_time == 1">

Replace with

<if="can_set_close_time == 1 AND ipb.vars['post_timeset']">

Now “Specify Topic Open Time” and “Specify Topic Close Time” fields (the entire element) are not showing (by default) for User Groups defined by IPB & your ACP will have another option Allow Specify Topic Time? added to “Topics, Posts and Polls” right next to the most annoying option of all time Merge member’s concurrent posts :) Install your Invision Power Board & sing :P Translated literally from Serbian onpurpose.

ipb_specify_topic_time_on ipb_specify_topic_time_off ipb_specify_topic_time_acp


This is an update to the Beta 2 version of a 2007 Office system product. Beta 2 Technical Refresh updates are compatible with the Windows Vista Release RC1 pre-release product.

IMPORTANT: Please read the update documentation, referenced in the “To install this download” section on this page, BEFORE applying this Beta 2 Technical Refresh update. The documents list several steps that you must complete prior to installation to ensure a successful update. This is NOT a single click update.

Download page: Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh

Download: Office 2007 Beta 2 Technical Refresh

Type about:config in the Firefox address bar, then Filter: browser.search.suggest.enabled & doubleclick to set it to false.

Firefox 2.0 right-click option (Show Suggestions):
Show Suggestions

n008 link: Firefox Tips & Tricks.