Firefox 2.0 Link Open Bug


Without finding the actual bug page, url (if even reported); here’s how to restore Firefox 1.5 proper behavior to force web page links (target=”_blank”) that open in a new window to open in a tab and open external links in a new window.

Set Firefox – Options, Tabs: “New pages should be opened in: a new tab

a new tab

Then type about:config and set value to 2.

Doing so will change back the option to “New pages should be opened in: a new window” & basically that’s where teh bug is ..

a new window bug

Now Firefox will open a target=”_blank” link in a new tab & external links (web pages dragged to your desktop) in a new window and not in a new tab in the last window (which would happen if simply configuring the dialogue option “New pages should be opened in: a new tab“).


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