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Facts about Dolphin Drive Hunts in Japan (Link) “During drive hunts, migrating pods of dolphins and other small whales are first panicked and confused by loud banging, then herded, by the hundreds, into shallow coves and butchered, one by one, by fishermen. Every year, some 20,000 small cetaceans of several species, some of which are […]

CopperMine Next Generation (cpgNG) ALPHA is in development & looking good. Replace smilies to improve on looks ;) Copy the images (overwrite) @ ./cpgNG/images/smiles & use your Dreamweaver to alter the code accordingly. Search and replace: icon_lol.gif” alt=” :lol:” width=”15″ height=”15″ icon_lol.gif” alt=” :lol:” width=”20″ height=”20″ icon_razz.gif” alt=” :-P” width=”15″ height=”15″ icon_razz.gif” alt=” :-P” width=”20″ […]

This modification adds to Invision Power Board ACP (Administration Control Panel) under TOOLS & SETTINGS -> Topics, Posts and Polls -> Allow Specify Topic Time? (under “Making a Post”) option; FOR FRESH INSTALL ONLY :) Invision Power Board version 2.1.7 and most probably future versions also. Open ./install/installfiles/ipb_settings.xml Find – just search for: <conf_id>84</conf_id> <setting> […]

Overview This is an update to the Beta 2 version of a 2007 Office system product. Beta 2 Technical Refresh updates are compatible with the Windows Vista Release RC1 pre-release product. IMPORTANT: Please read the update documentation, referenced in the “To install this download” section on this page, BEFORE applying this Beta 2 Technical Refresh […]

Type about:config in the Firefox address bar, then Filter: & doubleclick to set it to false. Firefox 2.0 right-click option (Show Suggestions): n008 link: Firefox Tips & Tricks.

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