if iFrame IPB noFrame


This JavaScript expands on if iFrame Hide IPB Logo and adds a Function to aid in ditching the iFrame. It will add a “noFrame” link in the IPB header, following the “home_url” link (looks better when the link is actually present) .. “home_url” variable is set from ACP -> TOOLS & SETTINGS -> General Configuration -> “Website Name” & “Website Address”.

Find in ACP -> LOOK & FEEL -> Edit Template HTML -> All Global HTML -> global_board_header ->


Add after

<script language="JavaScript" type="text/javascript"><!--
function breakout()
top.location.href = document.location.href;


<div id="submenu">
<p class="home"><!--ipb.leftlinks.start--><a href="{ipb.vars['home_url']}">{ipb.vars['home_name']}</a><!--IBF.RULES--><!--ipb.leftlinks.end--></p>

Replace with

<div id="submenu">
<p class="home"><!--ipb.leftlinks.start--><a href="{ipb.vars['home_url']}">{ipb.vars['home_name']}</a>
<script language="JavaScript"><!--
if (self != top)
document.write('<a href="#" onClick="breakout(); return false">noFrame</a>');

Unfortunately this means that “(self != top)” and “(self == top)” are run twice: as two separate JavaScript code segments, if you’re doing both modifications (if iFrame Hide IPB Logo & if iFrame IPB noFrame); but short of some alternate method, there’s no way around this?.. Hope it helps.


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