if iFrame Hide IPB Logo


This JavaScript will detect if IPB is running inside iFrame (like with CMS, Joomla integration) and accordingly display or hide the IPB Logo (logo.gif). All copyright as with everything here belongs exclusively to corlija.wordpress.com and you are free to use and re-destribute as you wish.

Ok, find in ACP -> LOOK & FEEL -> Edit Template HTML -> All Global HTML ->


<div id="logostrip"><a href='{ipb.script_url}'><!--ipb.logo.start--><img src='style_images/<#IMG_DIR#>/logo4.gif' style='vertical-align:top' alt='IPB' border='0' /><!--ipb.logo.end--></a></div>

Replace with

<!--ipb.logo.start--><script language="JavaScript"><!--
if (self == top)
document.write('<div id="logostrip"><img src="style_images/<#IMG_DIR#>/logo4.gif" style="vertical-align:top" alt="Forums Logo" border="0" /></div>');

The next blog post if iFrame IPB noFrame demonstrates how to add a “noFrame” link also to default IPB skin.


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